cuáles son los software en 2022 para mejorar la CX de tu organización

Find out which software in 2022 will enable your organization’s customer experience to take a qualitative leap forward.

Software in 2022 will be the protagonist to create an excellent customer experience in the financial, retail, insurance, and telecommunications industries. Year after year, technological solutions are making a difference in the CX, especially in the face of customer 4.0, that is, a more informed and demanding customer.

Here we tell you which are the pillars that improve the experience of this new consumer and which software will help you develop them.

5 pillars to provide a better customer experience using software in 2022

The progress of digital transformation in organizations may vary in each company according to its technological maturity. However, in general terms, the pillars that help provide a better customer experience (CX) are always the same. 

However, how can you detect if your organization has developed these pillars? One way to find out is by reflecting on the following questions:

  • Storage: Do workers have practical, fast, and secure access to information to carry out tasks in an agile and efficient way?

  • Automation: Has the company replaced manual processes through the integration of software or industry-specific solutions?

  • Personalization: Do users get timely communications that have been thought through the design of the customer journey?

    • Bidirectionality: Do consumers have bidirectional communication channels where they can interact and provide feedback?
    • Omnichannel: Do customers access the same information or get the same response regardless of the means of contact?

Being able to build these pillars is vital for any organization that aspires to innovation and growth. Especially in recent years when companies are facing Customer 4.0 which is much more informed and, therefore, more demanding.

So, if you answered yes to all the questions, the digitization of the customer experience in your company  is moving on the right path. If not, you already know what aspects you need to consider.

Software in 2022: Which ones do you need to improve CX?

If your organization needs to develop these pillars, and thus achieve excellence in CX, the software in 2022 you need must be appropriate to the needs of your industry.

  • ECM (Enterprise Content Management) for storage: This type of tool allows access to all documents on a single platform that automatically recognizes, indexes, and manages more than 200 digital file formats. With Coldview ECM you store and manage documentation, ensuring access in a practical, fast and secure way.

  • CCM (Customer Communications Management) for           

    – Automate the sending of statements and invoices with built-in quality control.  

    – Manage your organization’s omnichannel communications from a single platform. From where you can send notifications to mobile applications, SMS and WhatsApp, email, and social networks, among others.

    – Personalize the user experience, for example, by allowing them to receive communications according to their preference. This allows them to enhance their relationship with the organization. 

    These are just some of the actions you can perform with Coldview CCM.

  • Interactive platforms for bidirectionality: For example, Coldview Interactive makes it possible for invoicing to be a two-way communication channel with users to promote cross-selling and upselling. As shown in the Telcel success story.

These are the basic and indispensable software to optimize the customer experience. Each of them has valuable functionalities individually. However, if we combine them with other tools, according to the requirements of each industry, they form solutions that will make your organization more competitive.

You don’t need software in 2022, you need technological solutions 

Digital transformation will be possible if we think about it, not from a single software but through an integral, flexible and customized solution. In addition to offering platforms that integrate, it must have high-performance technology and professional services. In this way, the challenges of managing large volumes of information are solved efficiently.

That is why at Coldview we think of solutions adapted to different industries. For example

  • Financial: To achieve the goals of profitability and efficiency of the business, prevent fraud and cope with the large operational burden of the organization.  At the same time, it simplifies the customer’s life by communicating information efficiently, offering a quality experience with the bank, and capturing their interest with attractive campaigns.

  •  Insurance: To automate manual processes, reduce costs and streamline claims management, invoicing, and collection of issued policies, to name a few. Also, to offer customers the possibility of choosing how, when, and through which channel to receive information. It also improves customer, employee, and third-party satisfaction by offering bidirectional communications.

  • Telecommunications: To generate invoices and payment receipts, design offers, and plan communications. As well as secure and accessible data storage. Offering customers the delivery of prepaid and postpaid account statements through different channels and distribution of interactive documents for consultation.

  • Retail: To store, protect and access information quickly and securely. At the same time, to manage electronic invoicing from the different points of sale. This is how the digitization of documents and communications is promoted through personalized and, in some cases, bidirectional channels.

In conclusion,

As you can see, it is not a matter of having just one software, but a comprehensive solution made up of several applications that cover the requirements of the industry. However, this set of technological tools will be effective if they have the company and advice of an experienced team that knows the particularities of the sector.

That’s what we do at Coldview: we implement information management technology with the support of professionals from various disciplines that turn a product into a tangible and robust solution. 

Would you like to know what solutions we offer for your industry so that your organization’s CX is of excellence? Write us and we will tell you more.

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