CX soluciones para brindar excelencia en la experiencia del cliente.

How to design a good CX? Here are the solutions that will allow you to provide an excellent customer experience.

User experience is directly related to the design of each interaction with a product, service, or company. That is, it is a set that must effectively shape the user’s perceptions.

To achieve the best experience for our users, at Coldview we understand that visual and interactive perceptions are more than important. However, there is one main factor that must be prioritized and considered above the rest: Information in organized systems. 

What should a good CX (user experience) have? 

To design a good user experience, it is necessary to take into account the following points:

  • Simple composition in the design with innovative elements,

  • Friendly and intuitive navigability, i.e. we must make the user enjoy navigation without any complications,

  • To provide confidence and security to the users,

  • To achieve that the user can self-manage through bidirectional or call to action.

Likewise, it is very valuable to have concrete records about my users:

What is this person like?

What are their preferences?

What are their motivations? 

In other words, I must have liquid and concrete information about my customers, without which we will not be able to achieve the objective of positive perception.

For this reason, organizations must have highly designed and easily integrated solutions to unify all the information of a company in a single repository, segmenting and cataloging data based on the preference of each organization. Such is the case of Coldview Enterprise Content Management, which will allow enhancing the value of customer information. This solution indexes and manages all content with simple mechanisms, thus improving customer service times with quick access from any site and any digital channel.

The importance of personalization in CX

Likewise, and once all the information is concentrated in liquid form, we must generate valuable communications to our customers. 

Currently, many companies use new communication channels but do not take into account the already established channels that can provide a higher quality of positive perception towards customers. 

How can they do this? By achieving a real and effective segmentation and personalization. That is to say, generate communication with the human factor, with segmented and personalized interactive documents that capture the attention of my customer. Coldview CCM (Communication Content Management) and Coldview Interactive have all the tools to carry out these actions.

Finally, we cannot fail to mention the importance of each system implementation being carried out in an agile and rapidly scalable manner. Some of the answers to this requirement are on-premise installation, as a BPO service, or in the cloud. 

However, the most important thing is that they have multi-platform functionalities. That is to say, the organization can choose which operating system and which database engine to use according to its infrastructure. 

This and much more is what Coldview allows, learn more details here.

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