Coldview RDC

Financial institutions can increase transaction volume, save costs, and build customer loyalty by enabling them to make check deposits from anywhere.

Coldview RDC allows financial institutions to offer their corporate clients the possibility of implementing a virtual branch from their offices. In this way, customers will be able to deposit checks and documents without having to go to a branch office.

Why choose
Coldview RDC?

  • Accompanies the digital transformation strategy of financial organizations by providing them with a new way to perform remote operations.

  • Directly generates operational savings by allowing operations to be carried out without the need to go to branch offices.

  • Allows customers to perform queries of executed transactions and their status from the capture station or the mobile application.

Coldview ECM

What are its features?

  • Support for deposit capture from the Coldview RDC mobile application for Android and iOS.

  • Real-time validation of transactions automatically, according to parameterizable business rules.

  • Centralized monitoring: the entity will be able to monitor customer activity at all times.

  • Support for negotiation or check discount operations.

  • Security is guaranteed by validating customer credentials through a scheme with access security, and the use of digital certificates.

  • Data and image storage: includes the use of Coldview RDC’s check image repository, which guarantees the integrity, security, and inalterability of stored images and data.

  • Generation of impact interfaces to clearing systems and central systems, facilitating implementation and interoperability in the financial institution.

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