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Insurance Industry

Optimize the experience of your policyholders, agents, and brokers

From Coldview, we provide integral solutions for the Latin American insurance industry, automating manual processes and helping to reduce costs and improve customer service.

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With our solutions you can:

  • Accelerate the digital transformation of documents and communications with your customers. Allowing them to choose how, when and through which channel to receive information.

  • Carry forward the management of policies (electronic and physical) with Welcome Kits to customers.

  • Manage the invoicing and collection of issued policies.

  • Securely store documents.

  • Generate and send relevant documentation and active communication management documents.

  • Manage end-to-end claims processes, automating communications and approvals.

  • Execute two-way communications with customers, employees, and third parties, automating business processes and improving customer satisfaction.

coldview industrias seguros

Learn about the benefits
for your organization

  • Save operating costs.

  • Improve customer satisfaction and experience.

  • Accelerate timelines for new product launches or modifications to current products.

  • Increase company revenue through automation of business tasks and improved collections processes.

  • Enhance integration with brokers and strategic alliances to explore the target customer portfolio.

  • Find a flexible and fast solution to the changing regulations and laws of the insurance industry.

coldview industrias seguros

What business processes can we help you with?

Central repository of policies and documents
Generation of insurance product proposals
Policy generation and regeneration with multichannel customer delivery
Generation of certificates, endorsements, letters and other relevant customer information
Customer satisfaction surveys
Proactive policy renewal process
Bidirectional communication process with customers and business processes

Coldview Interactive

Generates a new two-way
communication channel
with your customers.

Improve their experience and generate savings
and business opportunities for your company.

Why Coldview?

We are the only supplier in Latin America that manufactures, develops, and implements these solutions 100% adaptable to your organization’s processes.

+50 years of experience

Fast, flexible, and scalable

Customizable solutions

Services throughout Latin America

Offices in Argentina, Chile, and Mexico

Competitive pricing

Implementations in record time


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