Coldview ERM – Enterprise Report Management

Organize, segment, and index your reports in a single platform that drives your digitization strategy, enhances security and ensures regulatory compliance.

Coldview ERM is a complete solution for the management and distributed access to all the information generated by your organization’s central and departmental systems.

It generates and presents the specific information that each user needs, securely and without the need to distribute files or images to offices or branch offices.

Why choose
Coldview ERM?

  • A single platform that allows you to store all reports and listings coming from the central systems of your organization.

  • Provides simple, secure, and efficient management.

  • Reduces the use of paper in your organization.

  • Improves your customer’s experience by optimizing customer service time and access to information. In addition, it provides personalized access to each user.

  • Reduces information storage infrastructure costs for extended periods.

  • Allows simplified and fast management of information access.

  • Complies with the rules, regulations, and internal policies of each organization.

Coldview ERM

What are its features?

  • Use of efficient and reliable encryption, compression and storage algorithms for long periods.

  • Automatically stores, indexes, classifies, and compresses large volumes of information, from different origins and formats, according to defined rules, in real-time.

  • Access to information segmented according to user type and permissions granted.

  • Regulatory compliance in critical information storage with automatic lifecycle management according to its origin and current regulations.

  • Integrated security (SSO) that allows Coldview ERM to be attached to the organization’s corporate directories (AD, AAD, and LDAP).

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