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Financial Industry

Empower your business by improving your banking operations in an integral and secure way

At Coldview, we create customized solutions for the financial industry in Latin America, covering all processes and initiatives for managing large volumes of information.

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With our solutions you can:

  • Meet the need to offer a quality user experience and interaction with the bank.

  • Simplify the customer’s life by efficiently communicating the relevant information they need to take action.

  • Capture customer interest in communications in order to upsell/cross-sell products or services.

  • Coping with the organization’s heavy operational burden due to demanding regulations and short implementation timelines.

  • Achieve business profitability and efficiency goals despite high information management costs.

  • Achieve an effective and efficient operation with timely responses expected by the different business areas, thanks to the technical interoperability of the platforms.

  • Prevent fraud.

  • Include and apply different channels that allow easy adoption for new customers.

coldview soluciones financieras

Learn about the benefits
for your organization

  • You will be able to take advantage of all the information in a more convenient way since our solutions allow you to optimize management processes, reduce costs and generate direct savings.

  • You will increase banking operations by bringing financial products closer to your customers with a higher effectiveness rate.

  • You will improve your customers’ experience by offering the opportunity to choose how, when and through which channel to receive valuable information.

  • You will increase the value of information by unlocking its potential.

  • It will accelerate the digitization of documents, allowing you to generate greater savings and reduce the use of paper, contributing to the care of the environment.

  • You will achieve value exchanges with your customers through personalized alerts and notifications.

  • You will speed up the exchange of information between different platforms, channels and corporate repositories thanks to the interoperability of our solutions.

coldview soluciones financieras

What business processes
can we help you with?

Publication, exploitation, and
signature of reports and lists.

Sending alerts
and omnichannel

Publication, exploitation, and
signature of reports and lists.

Capture, storage,
and exploitation of documents
and check images.

Presentation of data and
images for check clearing
of checks.

Electronic Check

Remote Capture
of deposits and check transactions (RDC).

Generation of
print queues.

Single platform communications
omnichannel of the

Coldview Interactive

Generates a new two-way
communication channel
with your customers

Improve their experience and generate savings
and business opportunities for your company.

Why Coldview?

We are the only supplier in Latin America that manufactures, develops, and implements these solutions 100% adaptable to your organization’s processes.

+50 years of experience

Fast, flexible, and scalable

Customizable solutions

Services throughout Latin America

Offices in Argentina, Chile, and Mexico

Competitive pricing

Implementations in record time


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