Coldview eCheq

The integral operation and regulatory support of the check, 100% digital

Coldview eCheq is a platform that allows financial institutions in Argentina to manage, in an integral way, the operation with eCheq.

  • 100% digital method of payment.

  • Regulatory and legal support for checks.

  • Complete functional coverage for financial entities.

  • Attends to the client’s needs in the implementation of current systems.

Why choose
Coldview eCheq?

  • Generates savings in operating costs with respect to physical checks.

  • Drives the digital transformation strategy through a fully digital methods of payment.

  • Minimizes the impact on the financial institution’s existing systems through a flexible and powerful integration layer.

Coldview Cheque Electrónico

What are its features?

  • It provides complete and functional coverage for all transactions performed with eCheq under current regulations (BCRA Com. “A” 6578 and subsequent). What transactions are covered?

  • Issuance

  • Acceptance or rejection

  • Deposit

  • Endorsement

  • Assignment into custody

  • Negotiation

  • Simple integration to existing Home banking via interfaces typically used in the industry.

  • It has its own independent web portal for customers to manage their electronic check transactions. The self-management portal allows:

    • The User ABM process.
    • Integration with the bank’s signature and power of attorney system.
    • Consultation of operations performed.
    • Report downloads.
  • The self-management portal includes:

    • Native and secure integration with the COELSA operations registration entity, according to regulations of the Central Bank of the Argentine Republic (BCRA).
    • Support for the generation and reception of the different interfaces with the Coldview eCheq user bank.
    • Support for the generation and reception of impact interfaces for bank clearing and internal exchange processes.

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