Coldview ECM – Enterprise Content Management

The selection of information you need, automatically.

All documents in a single platform that automatically recognizes, indexes and manages more than 200 digital file formats. Coldview ECM allows you to store and manage documentation, ensuring practical, fast, and secure access.

Why choose Coldview ECM?

  • Store and manage all the organization’s documents in a simple, secure, and efficient centralized repository.

  • Access all of your organization’s documents in an instant, regardless of their origin or format.

  • Deliver digital documentation to your organization’s customers, through simple mechanisms.

  • Improve customer service times, with quick access to information.

  • Create documents using real-time information through native integration with Coldview Compose.

  • Ensures regulatory compliance related to security, availability, retention, and auditing of critical information assets.

  • Uses the industry’s most efficient and reliable encryption and compression algorithms.

Coldview ECM

What are its features?

  • Classifies, catalogs, and indexes content in real-time, based on rules by origin and content.

  • Integration services make it possible to query and retrieve documents in moments, from across the organization.

  • Integration with Coldview Compose makes it easy to generate graphical and interactive documents.

  • Automatic Lifecycle Management (ILM) allows the retention of each information asset to be managed according to internal policies and regulations.

  • Facilitates the storage, and consultation of statements and account summaries.

  • Integrated security (SSO) allows Coldview ECM to integrate with the organization’s corporate directories, such as AD, AAD, and LDAP.

  • Key data classification that simplifies document access, giving a complete view of the customer.

  • Unaltered check and document storage, taking into account industry standards and country regulations.

  • Extraction, transformation, and loading of information from multiple data sources that can be combined through the use of Coldview ECM ETL tools.

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