The challenges of managing large volumes of information have a solution

The implementation of technology for information management requires the support of a multidisciplinary team that turns a product into a tangible and robust solution. At Coldview we have a team of professionals oriented to providing solutions at each stage, guaranteeing a turnkey service.

Professional Services

Any implementation of information management solutions requires software-level backing. As manufacturers and implementers of our own solutions, at Coldview you will find the support your organization needs.
We can help your organization to:

  • Conduct a business need assessment.

  • Create the business cases for the validation of the initiative.

  • Integrally manage each project with dedicated professionals, with a follow-up, and measurement of associated milestones.

  • Execute custom developments and customizations.

  • Implement the pieces of software and their deployment in the data centers selected by the client.

  • Guarantee the production start-up of the project.

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Technical support and maintenance

The fundamental aspect of putting a solution into production goes beyond its implementation. Being able to guarantee business continuity and operational performance is an essential part of the project.

At Coldview:

  • We provide technical support and software maintenance for Coldview platform solutions.

  • We have complete mastery of all aspects related to our platform.

  • We apply service levels (SLAs) particular to each case and according to regulatory and normative requirements.

Outsourcing (BPO)

We provide an integral service to ensure the uninterrupted operation of your organization. At Coldview, we offer partial or complete outsourcing of the hosting and centralized operation of all our platform products, which include:

  • Operation by our team of trained and certified professionals in applied technologies.

  • Hosting in our data centers in Argentina and Mexico Tier 3 and 4, or in any of the first level Cloud service providers.

  • Application of deployment schemes with support for high availability with load balancing between multiple service nodes to guarantee the operational continuity of the service.

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