Coldview Compose

Coldview Compose

Transform your customer’s experience by providing information in intuitive, simple, and intelligent documents. Coldview Compose is a unique platform for the creation, design, and definition of graphical documents.

Why choose
Coldview Compose?

  • Integrates all document generation business processes in a single platform.

  • It is capable of managing the process of document creation and maintenance with autonomy, being able to dispense with expert and technical users.

  • Uses the information available within the organization, without the need for transformation or manipulation.

  • Obtains, transforms and presents information from a single tool.

Coldview Compose

What are
its features?

  • Creation and design of documents in record time.

  • Internal flow control.

  • Design a single document for all channels, applying rules and defining how it will be presented in each channel.

  • Information extraction and transformation engine that allows multiple information sources to be used.

  • Applies business rules to define content and format.

  • Integration with Coldview ECM, for document generation for digital channels.

  • Integration with Coldview CCM, for document generation for omnichannel distribution.

  • Integration with Coldview DOCS, for print queue generation.

  • Direct integration from the organization, for on-demand generation of graphic documents.

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