Coldview DOCS

Generate documents for mass distribution with a tool that allows you to design all types of documents for your customers.

Coldview DOCS provides a graphical interface to design document formats quickly and easily. It allows you to include personalization rules, variable marketing messages, and trans promotion based on each customer’s profile and data.

Why choose
Coldview DOCS?

  • Ability to select the best printing supplier for each type of document and reduce costs.

  • Maximize your organization’s flexibility by being able to select the optimal suppliers for each business process.

  • Guarantee the delivery of information with QAM, the Coldview module that enables automatic quality control.

  • Achieves print and printer supplier autonomy.

  • Ensures compliance with internal SLAs and regulations imposed for the delivery of critical documents.

  • Guaranteed compatibility with standard suppliers of printing, enveloping, and sorting equipment.

Coldview DOCS

What are its features?

  • Generation of mass distribution documents: invoices, account statements, insurance policies, contracts, letters to customers. Allowing the generation of print queues.

  • Native integration with Coldview Compose for the creation and design of graphic formats.

  • Generation of multiple document formats, including PDF and AFP.

  • Generation of flexible traceability reports to increase control internally and with suppliers.

  • Extraction of data from multiple sources automatically, without customer intervention.

  • High-performance platform with linear horizontal scaling.

  • Complete process, considering sampling and automatic quality control.

  • Web platform for flow definition, control, and approval.

  • Automated quality control of large volumes of information.

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