About us

We believe in the power of information. We help you leverage it.

We understand the difficulties that arise from storing and managing large amounts of data and documentation. That is why we focus on solving the problems that companies face, developing products and services that help facilitate and boost their business processes.

Why do we exist?

We understand that information has power, that it is the most valuable thing for organizations and we know that, used responsibly, it can boost great decisions that help improve the experiences people have in their work and personal lives.

Power for
your information

We exist to help organizations unleash the power of their information.

We understand that this requires an integral approach to solve the challenges of managing large volumes of information.

Therefore, in addition to providing Coldview® solutions 100% developed by us, we offer implementation, support, and maintenance services. This allows us to provide a superior service through a complete work model:

Discover how to unleash the power of your information!

Software CCM para mejorar la experiencia del cliente

Where are
we going?

Our ambition is that all organizations can be owners of their most valuable asset: information. So, they can be able to give value to it in an autonomous way, in order to enhance their services and provide better experiences.

How do we do it?

We help organizations to improve their business processes, through the constant and innovative development of storage, management, and information composition products, and transparent services that seek to give autonomy to each company.

coldview hacia donde vamos

Our values are the basis of our decisions

At Coldview, we are characterized by

nosotros valores coldview respeto y compromiso


We listen to the problems and understand the needs of each organization seeking a solution.

nosotros valores coldview confianza


We build solid relationships that last. We prioritize transparency and honesty.

nosotros valores coldview trabajo colaborativo

Collaborative work

We believe that individual skills are enhanced through teamwork. We work together, integrated, internally, and with those who choose us.

nosotros nuestros valores coldview pasión


We keep the enthusiasm and the search for innovation that has characterized us since our beginnings. Added to the acquired experience and the constant search for excellence.

nosotros nuestros valores coldview respeto y empatía

Respect and empathy

We build relationships based on respect and empathy, both with our collaborators and with our clients. We listen, understand, and accompany each member of this process.

Our History

In 1965, Arnaldo Francisco Martínez’s passion for electronics and optics drove him to develop and manufacture the first microfilming equipment in Argentina.

From the beginning, solving the document storage and management needs of large organizations was the goal of this project that, as time went by, became Coldview. More than 50 years ago, when all documents were on paper, typed or handwritten, it was a real challenge.

Today, as in those times, the challenges of managing information and transactions in the financial, telecommunications, retail, healthcare, and government industries drive us to evolve every day.

We continue to advance and support our customers with mission-critical software solutions for the generation, storage, distribution, and management of transactions in the digital world.

coldview nuestra historia

We founded the company giving attention to professional photography and filming equipment.

We started to offer microfilming solutions and equipment for the treatment of large archives of technical and commercial documents such as checks, invoices and customer files. We also started the development and production of the first scanners and duplicators equipment in Argentina.

Our premise on the importance and value of information led us to offer information subscription services on international standards, supplier catalogs, and MILspecs. We cover international standards institutes such as API, ASTM, ANSI, DIN, and others.

We began distributing Bell & Howell in Argentina, in addition to other leading manufacturers, to increase our line of microfilming equipment; and we installed our first Digital Computer Output Microfilm Processing Center in Argentina.

After the death of Arnaldo F. Martinez, his son Fabio Martinez took his place in the management of the company, maintaining his commitment to service and innovation. We started working on the development of software solutions for the verification of signatures for checks paid by banks. SIRF was born, an application that was immediately adopted by leading banks in Argentina.

We developed the first version of Coldview to assist with the need to store and retrieve customer information and documents.

We became AMCO A. Martínez y Cía. The incorporation of María Alejandra Humaran as a partner gave impetus to new solutions that add value in the processing of clearing and direct payment transactions. Our focus was on new clearing systems between banks in Argentina.

We started developing software and hardware solutions for decentralized bank clearing processing. For checks operation, we added low-cost reading and classification equipment to our product line.

Regional expansion: we became the only Latin American company providing software solutions for critical processes of generation, maintenance, and distribution of large volumes of information.

We opened a new headquarters and offices in Catalinas, in the City of Buenos Aires.

We started providing subscription services (SaaS), with high availability data centers in the City of Buenos Aires.

We incorporate the functionality of capturing and digitizing documents at bank cash registers through special scanners for this purpose.

To ensure that customers get the most out of the functions, we created our Consulting Department with highly specialized professionals in the implementation and integration of our line of solutions in the customer’s platforms.

We expanded to other countries. In addition to Argentina, since 2006 we have got clients in Chile, Mexico, Peru.

We became the operator of the National Check Image Reservoir of the Argentine Clearing House.

We opened offices in Mexico and Chile, with our own facilities and personnel to directly serve customers in those countries. The use of Coldview in the Clearing House received the Technological Innovation Award from USUARIA.

Francisco and Hugo Martínez join as partners. Their vision, aligned with the company’s objectives, has driven and accelerated sustained growth throughout the organization.

Our solution is used as an Authorized Certification Provider (PAC) for the generation of more than 30 million invoices and other receipts in Mexico.