Coldview CCM

Improve your customer’s user experience and manage your organization’s omnichannel communications from a single platform

Compose, personalize, send, and monitor all digital channel communications with Coldview CCM. Implement automatic delivery of invoicing and account statements, manage subscriptions and customer preferences, and monitor user activity to understand their interaction with communications.

Why choose
Coldview CCM?

  • A single platform to orchestrate all your organization’s inbound and outbound communications.

  • Allows you to connect with your customers in an omnichannel way through notifications to mobile apps, text and WhatsApp messages, emails, social networks, and other specific channels.

  • Allows you to process and send online and tailored communications to each customer in less than a second.

  • Offer your customers a personalized user experience that enhances their relationship with the organization by allowing them to receive communications according to their preferences.

  • Enables alerts and messages to be sent to mobile applications via PNS.

  • Guarantees performance and scalability.

Coldview CCM

What are its features?

  • Support with native connectors for omnichannel to customers (email, social networks (TW DM), WhatsApp, PNS to mobile applications, and SMS).

  • Parameterizable business rules application, which allows processing and sending communications online and tailored to each customer.

  • Generation and mass mailing of personalized documents with automatic quality control.

  • Incorporates an engine for the validation and processing of events and transactions for dispatching communications based on events or actions that must be communicated in real-time.

  • Generation of massive campaigns with segmentation rules.

  • Support for bidirectionality so that customers can interact with the organization.

  • Visualization and download of reports for analysis and metrics tracking.

  • Native access security or integrated with your organization’s corporate security directory.

  • Possibility to configure users and permissions.

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