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Panini technology helps reduce operating costs, optimize return on investment and improve the customer experience.

Panini check capture solutions provide distributed processing alternatives, including capture at cashiers, branch capture, remote deposit capture (RDC), and point-of-sale capture applications.

They offer reliability for distributed capture based on our core competencies of system scalability, image quality, MICR reading accuracy, document management and professional services.

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Vision neXt

Superior performance for distributed check capture. Enables increased productivity, functionality and ROI.

  • Ergonomic design and ease of use, allowing cashiers to maximize productivity and focus on customers.

  • Processing speeds to meet the most constrained and demanding check capture environments.

  • Capabilities to scan a large number of payment and deposit-related documents for the highest level of investment protection.

Vision X

A scalable check scanning platform designed for distributed check capture.

Vision X® provides advanced features and the best price-performance ratio.

This single-feed model features robust, low cost and high value with simplified mechanics, ensuring easy maintenance and increased cost savings, for scanning small quantities of checks (such as remote capture in small businesses) in countries or situations where legislation or financial institution preferences impose the use of physical endorsement on the back of documents.

Scanners Panini


Reliable check capture. Greater usage options.

The mI:Deal model combines innovation and ease of use with connectivity to mobile, branch, POS and RDC applications.

It offers the most reliable and cost-effective check capture, plus comprehensive Check 21 Act compliance and security in a wide variety of applications.

Supporting a wide variety of physical and virtual environments, implementation is made easy.

Panini ml:Deal is an intelligent and compact platform. It interacts with a variety of host devices, such as PCs, POS terminals, tablets and smartphones, independent of the operating system and without the need to use an API. This eliminates the complex software integration required by traditional check scanners.

It is possible to use mI:Deal to equip POS terminals with advanced check payment capabilities (including MICR line code reading and dual image processing required for check truncation) without requiring a change to the hardware infrastructure.


A unique solution for small and medium-sized businesses.

This device was specifically designed for remote deposit capture (RDC) for small and medium-sized businesses, and for cashiers handling small volumes. It is characterized by its quality and affordable acquisition cost.

This unique, compact and simple platform utilizes patented technologies to deliver critical capabilities for successful RDC success, including high quality duplex image capture, document franking and advanced reading technologies in the areas of MICR and OCR.

Its small yet powerful design minimizes paper usage and enables document storage while ensuring transaction sequence integrity.

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Multifunction Options

To support banks in achieving maximum efficiency and return on investment in each of their branches, Panini has designed a wide range of modules and hardware options to optimize ergonomics, productivity and investment protection in the teller environment.

Multifunctionality starts with the built-in options that can include check scanners, such as barcode decoding or OCR options, or Vision X’s magnetic stripe reader, which allow processing various types of documents that are the size of checks worldwide, and Vision neXt’s 14-line AGP printer and ID card scanner, capable of producing die-cut receipts and personalizing administrative checks without the need for additional equipment.

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