In recent years, different industries have focused on accelerating the transition to omnichannel as the core of their Digital Transformation strategy.

Many of these efforts have focused on the development of new channels and communication channels with their customers, however, they have not stopped evaluating that the documents they exchange with their customers are pre-existing communication channels

It is now possible to convert these documents into two-way communication channels. Where through an invoicing, billing statement, or consumption summary, we can allow the user to navigate the details and information available through any device, anytime, anywhere, but also offer an innovative and interactive user experience.

The emergence of interactive documents, where the user can connect and exchange information with the company, allows to overcome the customer communication experience and interrelate multiple products and business opportunity areas, simply through an invoicing or billing statement.

The possibilities are endless

Incorporate personalized messages and videos

They offer us the possibility of communicating and announcing events and promotions of interest, as well as positioning attractive products and services for the customer.

Along with the efforts in Digital Transformation, Personalized Digital Attention (ADP) is the next step to achieving a valuable customer service strategy. It focuses 100% on each customer’s needs and establishes a more natural dialogue, which translates into greater loyalty.

Real-time consumption graphs and download of related documents

Establishes proactive communication and allows a better understanding of the interactions or movements made during the period.  

Integrate multiple processes

Contribute to the integration of the digital world with the physical world so that users can move from one channel to another without friction, duplication, or redundancy in the processes (customer service chats, incorporating payment methods, queries of payments made).

What are the benefits?

Interactive documents are positioned as an innovative solution that accompanies the digital transformation strategy, covering the main areas of savings and benefits sought by organizations.

Customer Experience

  • User experience. If the user experience is not the core of our transformation strategy, we are doing it wrong. According to a study conducted by PWC, 73% of consumers point to user experience as the determining factor in their purchase decision or brand choice.

  • Deliver personalized information. Messages are designed on a Person-to-Person basis (known as P2P, the acronym for People to People). The idea is that regardless of the point of contact, the user always has the same experience and perceives that we are talking to him/her person to person.

Operational Savings and Revenue Growth

  • Conversion rate and adoption of digital channels. The implementation of interactive documents increases the adoption rates of digital channels between 20 and 30% in the first year of implementation, reaching 70% in the third year.

  • Reduction of Operational Costs (OPEX). The clarity of the information presented allows for reducing support costs, reducing communications to the Call Center, and saturation of Customer Service Centers. According to the report “The Pulse of Banking” presented in June 2021 in Madrid by the specialized consulting firm Álvarez & Marsal, the online customer costs 97 euros per year, compared to 1,298 euros for the face-to-face customer.

  • New Business Opportunities. Personalized offers and messages based on customer behavior allow the positioning of complementary products and services as well as offers that improve or optimize the current service.

  • Past Due Portfolio (PDP – DSO). The integration of payment methods, or access to debit portals from the same documents, allows to reduce the overdue portfolio and increase the collection.

In conclusion,

Invoices and other interactive documents have arrived to accompany the Digital Transformation of companies seeking to enhance the user experience of their customers.

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