Coldview Electronic Invoice

Issue and receive electronic invoicing through an integral management platform.

Coldview Electronic Invoice allows organizations to manage the issuance, receipt, cancellation, and validation of different types of invoices in an integral manner and compliance with the tax regulations of the territory.

Why choose Coldview
Electronic Invoice?

  • Generates operational cost savings by eliminating paper invoices.

  • Provides interoperability with other invoicing systems used by the organization.

  • Has native Coldview support for integration with the most widely used ERP and CRM systems.

  • Protects receipts with high security and encryption standards, with guaranteed inalterability of the stored information, and with backup terms according to the applicable regulations.


What are its features?

  • Direct integration with the competent tax authority and/or certified suppliers for the issuance, reception, cancellation and validation of the different types of tax receipts.

  • Application of rules and controls according to the tax regulations of the territory, for the issuance, reception and validation of vouchers.

  • Generation of tax vouchers in the specific format of the country and PDF format.

  • Omnichannel distribution and availability of vouchers.

  • Support for integration with existing customer portals.

  • Web portal for internal use of the organization, which allows: consultation and downloading of receipts, generation of reports with fiscal metrics. Support for integration with LDAP-type corporate security repository or Coldview’s native access security management.

  • Web portal for use by suppliers for uploading invoices and documents associated with the operation.

  • Support for online validation of vouchers received against the tax authority.

  • Availability in several Latin American countries that have regulated its use, such as Mexico, where we are an Authorized Certification Provider (PAC), and Argentina.

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