La reforma fiscal 2022 presenta 3 grandes desafíos con la actualización del CFDI 4.0, conoce cómo superarlos.

With the SAT’s announcements regarding the Tax Reform for 2022, in recent months there has been a lot of talk about the changes and challenges that companies will have to face in order to comply with the regulations in a timely manner.

To achieve this, organizations must have a supplier that complies with the technological regulations established by the RMF, Annex 29, and Annex 20 published by the authority. In addition, whoever provides the Electronic Invoicing software must integrate it with the current invoicing operation in an agile manner. This is because it implies the modification of the source systems, such as invoicing, ERPs, and AR systems.

At Coldview, as a full end-to-end provider, we focus on providing a software service and all the necessary professional services. In this way, we provide customization, implementation, management, scalability, and fulfillment of operational scope in invoicing systems.

The following are the main issues we have faced when implementing this upgrade in companies with large invoicing volumes. Through Coldview, they obtained a very easy solution.

Recipients’ Tax Information 

Keeping our customers’ information up to date is a constant challenge. With the implementation of CFDI 4.0 we have no alternative, since now we must specify the Name or Company Name, the Zip Code, and above all incorporate the recipient’s tax regime. The latter is not a piece of information that commercial or invoicing systems usually have available and without this information, it will not be possible to issue the invoice.

This challenge is solved through Coldview CCM, which allows you to manage your organization’s communications in an omnichannel way from a single platform. With this tool you can:  

  • Conduct interactive data update campaigns for all your customers.
  • Send follow-up alerts and notifications.
  • Manage massive campaigns informing and communicating the importance of these changes. 

On the other hand, with our subscriptions API, it is possible to update your customer base in real-time from any application of your organization.

Tax Breakdown in the Payment Complement as of Tax Reform 2022

Our clients found a new challenge when issuing invoices with payment complement: to know how to break down the taxes of each invoice that is being paid.

To overcome this challenge, we provide them with Coldview Electronic Invoice. It allows you to manage the issuance, reception, cancellation, and validation of the different types of tax receipts in an integral way. All invoices are stored in a unified repository protected with high security and encryption standards. While, having all the information in Coldview ECM allows us to provide different solutions to facilitate the tax breakdown of the documents related to a payment voucher. Such as, for example:

  • Retrieving and accessing tax information: Vouchers related to a payment, issued with Coldview Electronic Invoicing, can be retrieved through their fiscal folio. This way you can access tax information and automatically include it in the payment voucher to be issued.

  • Operations Portal: This is an outstanding functionality of Coldview Electronic Invoicing. From here you can access the administration and design of templates for the generation of reports. A template is a format that allows us to generate customized reports. These templates are based on the different voucher schemes proposed by the SAT, plus the fields we need to add.   Then, through the centralized repository, you will obtain all the information you need from the stored receipts.

These functionalities turned out to be very useful for our clients. Because it allows them to know the tax information of each CFDI issued and, thus, to be able to break it down in their payment complements. If all invoices are stored in Coldview Electronic Invoice, you can obtain the data through the reports or automatically.

The new 2022 Tax Reform Cancellations Scheme

Undoubtedly one of the biggest challenges our clients are facing is the change in the cancellation scheme.

With the new scheme, when there are errors in the data of an invoice, the fiscal folio that is substituting the invoice to be canceled must be informed.

This change not only has an impact on the current operating processes, since the substitute invoice must be issued before the cancellation. It also generates limitations in the mass cancellation procedure by having to incorporate a cancellation reason for each voucher. 

At Coldview, we implement several solutions to facilitate the operative process by providing different tools for both one-to-one and mass cancellation.

  • One-to-one cancellation: You can issue a voucher with a related CFDI and automatically cancel the original voucher, informing the substitute of the fiscal folio just issued.

  • Cancelación Masiva: Mass cancellation: Under the previous cancellation scheme, multiple invoices could be selected for mass cancellation from the Coldview Electronic Invoice Operations Portal. With the update, our customers will be able to use this functionality even when a different cancellation reason must be indicated for each voucher:

    • In the Operations Portal, the option is enabled to load a layout where a reason is assigned to each fiscal folio and, if necessary, apply the substitute folio. With this set of information stored in the Coldview repository, it is possible to have all the data requested by the SAT to issue a cancellation.
    • Coldview Electronic Invoicing provides a Web Service through which it is possible to cancel multiple invoices in a single request. In addition, in each one of them, it is possible to indicate the reason and substitute folio.

In conclusion,

As we can see, one of the most influential factors in the implementation of CFDI 4.0 is to have an integral solution that allows the generation and access to all the necessary information. At Coldview we offer this combined with professional services that will implement this update agile and effective. We are here to help you, get in touch, and find out how we will do it.

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