EL CFDI 4.0 requiere que tu proveedor de la solución de Facturación Electrónica realice de forma ágil el proceso de integración con el sistema actual.

What technological changes does CFDI 4.0 require? Here are the keys for companies with large invoicing volumes to comply on time.

CFDI 4.0 is the electronic invoicing update that is given in the framework of the Fiscal Reform 2022, which will be mandatory for all taxpayers as of July 1st. This new format requires that the supplier of the electronic invoicing solution performs the integration process with the current system in an agile manner. 

Companies, especially those with large invoicing volumes, face the challenge of making a technological change quickly to meet tight deadlines. Here we review the highlights of the regulation and tell you which are the factors to take into account when evaluating the solution provider.

The changes and challenges of CFDI 4.0  

The 2022 Tax Reform modify several schemes. CFDI 4.0 will replace version 3.3 of the electronic invoicing. While the CFDI that covers the withholding of payments and the Complement for the receipt of payments will work with their 2.0 versions. The new format has been in effect since January 1 and, after the coexistence period that expires on June 30, all taxpayers will be obliged to work with the updated format.

The following are the main changes introduced by CFDI 4.0:

  • The CFDI that covers withholdings, requires a mandatory way to enter the name, address, and tax regime of the issuer and the recipient. This information must match the information in the Federal Taxpayers’ Registry (RFC).

  • It will be necessary to identify the operations where there is an export of goods.

  • In the Complement for Receipt of Payments, it is necessary to specify if the operations covered by the receipt are subject to indirect taxes.

  • For the update to the invoice cancellation service, it will be necessary to identify the reason for cancellation and relate it to the fiscal folio of the invoice that replaces it.

In this process, your invoicing solution provider is key to compliance. In addition to offering you a PAC that is included in the list informed by the SAT, it must guarantee the implementation before June 30. 

On the other hand, to adapt to this measure, taxpayers are faced with the challenge of adapting their current invoicing systems to the new format. Because this modification impacts the company’s operational and accounting processes.

To overcome these challenges, it is necessary to make a technological change by betting on an integral and flexible electronic invoicing solution. This implies having the technology combined with professional services that guarantee the implementation.

What technological changes must you make to comply with CFDI 4.0?

CFDI 4.0 will require your electronic invoice software provider to quickly integrate with the current invoicing operation. Since it implies the modification of the source systems, such as invoicing, ERPs, and AR systems, to

  • provide additional data, 
  • execute new validations, 
  • and incorporate new catalogs in the updated versions of the vouchers.

On the other hand, the change in the Cancellation 2.0 procedure, effective as of January 1, implies a modification in the operational and accounting process of the companies. The reason for the cancellation must first be specified (to incorporate information) and then proceed with the execution. 

Some of the major challenges that this update represents for companies with large invoicing volumes are as follows:

  • To have a flexible tool that covers the end-to-end process: from the validation of fiscal data and business rules, the integration with the PAC for the generation of the Digital Tax Stamp complement, and the generation of the CFDI.

  • Guarantee the volume of voucher issuance: For example, Coldview Electronic Invoice facilitates CFDI 4.0 compliance for large taxpayers thanks to its production capacity of around 500 generated and stamped documents per second.

  • Get the best response times in invoicing: With the Coldview Electronic Invoice solution, your organization can count on the integration of the PAC, Proditma, to get the best response times.

If you implement these technological changes, your organization will operate in an agile way and with the peace of mind of complying with the regulations.

Coldview Electronic Invoice for CFDI 4.0

In Coldview we have been working since 2010 with the invoicing solution. In the beginning with the CFD version, from 2014 for CFDI and since December 2017, CFDI version 3.3. In 2022 we accompany our customers in the CFDI 4.0 implementation process.

Our experience plus the synergy with PAC Proditma, has given us the possibility to offer an integral solution that covers this regulatory change. Not only from the perspective of compliance with the SAT but also because our proposal offers high integrability and record implementation times. 

This is possible because our proposal combines technology, professional services, and the constant adaptation of each product to the new regulations. Because we know that regulations are constantly changing, we give companies that rely on our solutions the certainty that we will respond efficiently and quickly when necessary.

With Coldview Electronic Invoice we offer you:

  • An integral, robust and high-performance solution that allows you to implement an integrated process with your current invoicing operation.

  • Attention to all aspects of preparation, stamping, and integration with an authorized PAC for stamping.

  • Incorporation of all SAT changes.

  • Less complexity in the generation and storage of the Digital Tax Receipt by Internet (CFDI). Compliance with the regulations established by the SAT governed by Annex 20 of the Miscellaneous Fiscal Resolution.

  • End-to-end process coverage. From the validation of the fiscal data and business rules, the integration with the PAC for the generation of the Digital Tax Stamp complement and the issuance of the CFDI.

Time is running out and it is necessary to start the implementation immediately. We are ready to give you the solution you need. Fill in your details here and we will contact you to advise you on how we will do it.

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