Elige un software CCM adecuado para tu organización siguiendo estos 5 consejos

A CCM software allows the management of the company’s communications with its customers and/or parties involved in its business process. Changing it is a complex task, especially if you are looking for functionalities that do not exist in the company instead of a direct replacement. However, it is necessary to consider several points to make this decision simpler and more successful. 

The following are the most relevant aspects that would help you and your company to choose the optimal software and vendor.

Integration potential of CCM software

A CCM allows the management of the company’s communications with its customers and/or parties involved in its business process. Therefore, there is valuable information that can be used for different actions that feedback into better communication through an integrative vision. 

The CCM provides information about behaviors and interactions, with which the CRM will make the customer experience of a complaint contact more efficient. CCM integrations, not only with a CRM but with most enterprise core or business applications result in short-term improvements.

Real-time and historical status

The ability to analyze in real-time all aspects of the communications that are established on a minute-by-minute basis provides great benefits such as

  • the monitoring of specific commercial activities,

  • the implementation of new legislation,

  • and the simple analysis of an ordinary time range.

This can allow the company to identify trends and development points for new products. This is why simple and effective access to current and historical content is a relevant point in the purchase consideration. 

Mass customization through CCM software

An effective CCM should allow customization from a simple SMS to the various e-mail marketing campaigns that can be generated. Through automated personalization, advantages can be obtained such as

  • scalability according to customer type,

  • communication through their preferred channel,

  • and communication objective, among others.

However, this personalization must be easy to intervene when adjustments or changes are necessary. If applying a change in the message requires a time-consuming or cumbersome process, when it is implemented and sent, it could lead to a loss of effectiveness. 

This personalization should also be considered in the opposite direction: offering the end customer the alternative of specifying their preferences regarding the communication channel and timing. This will add a lot to the communication offer.

Implementation consulting

The success of the CCM selection will be directly evidenced by the extent that which its implementation is fast, successful, and controlled. Therefore, the fact that the software to be contracted has a specialized human group has a relevant weight in the decision-making process. 

Therefore, consultants who can accompany the design of the solution and who have previous experience in similar implementation sizes will be necessary. These factors will contribute greatly to success.

The CCM software provider is a partner

Within the current technologies, those that have to do with communications, and mainly communications to an end customer, are constantly evolving. It is vital, when considering a software, not only its current functionalities but also its capacity to adapt to new technologies to which it can be integrated, improved, or migrated. 

In this regard, it is key to visualize the supplier of such software as a key ally in the company’s communication strategy, mainly with its customers. 

Likewise, it could be considered a point in favor that the platform is online, up to date, and constantly updated according to the regulations that may apply to each particular industry.

In conclusion,

To tell the truth, there may be other classic factors in a software choice such as the relationship with the supplier and cost analysis. However, the points developed above should also be considered with the long-term benefits of an optimally implemented CCM that accompanies the company’s growth strategy in mind. 

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