Sorprende a tus clientes y brinda una customer experience 7 estrellas

How to implement a customer experience that surprises our customers? Learn about the aspects to consider to provide a superior experience.

The customer experience has become very important in recent years within the corporate environment. Therefore, to stand out from the competition, it is necessary to provide a superior experience that surprises the customer and meets their expectations.

In this process, it is essential to know our end users in depth. That is where a platform that provides this information in a simple way comes into the game. Here we tell you how to obtain this data and how it will impact the service.

What is a 7-star customer experience?    

There is a lot of talk about the 7-star category in the hospitality industry. However, this concept can be extended to any type of service. It is about providing an experience that surprises the user and makes him feel that we “read his mind” by offering him just what he expects. 

For some time now, organizations have been creating and shaping their services to be customer-centric. This is because they have become aware of the importance of the customer experience in the company’s profitability.

An example of what the 7-star customer experience looks like

To explain what makes for a 7-star customer experience we take CX in the insurance industry as an example:

  • A 5⭐ experience would be nothing more or less than providing a service that works. For example, I take out insurance; when I need to use it, I contact the company and they respond on time.

  • A 6 ⭐ experience consists of more personalized service. In the insurance sector, it could be the installation of a telematics device in the vehicle to adjust the cost of the policy, taking into account variables of use and driving habits.

  • A 7 ⭐ experience would be an experience that, in addition to being personalized, is surpassing. An example could be: I take out insurance, the cost of which is defined by my habits and history as a driver. Suppose I suffer a collision, then the insurer offers me an online channel to report in a simple and agile way the details of the accident. In addition, the company proactively keeps me abreast of the progress of the proceedings, without me having to follow up via telephone or in-person. They may even offer me some kind of assistance such as transportation or a medical check-up if the situation warrants it. No one would expect the insurance company to anticipate the inconveniences that arise when we suffer an accident. That’s what the overcoming experience is all about.

3 aspects to consider to provide a 7-star Customer Experience

Now, how do we manage to implement an experience of these characteristics? The key is to have technological tools that allow us to know our customers in-depth. This will make it possible to offer a seamless and highly personalized experience.

Trends show that for example in the insurance sector, the incorporation of machine learning and artificial intelligence (AI) is the future of personalization. However, there are aspects that all industries should consider when delivering a 7-star experience. These aspects are:


Omnichannel is a communication strategy that makes it possible to offer customers a consistent experience across all channels. It is essential, especially considering that customers interact with organizations from different devices, starting in one channel and ending in another.

For example, with Coldview CCM you can connect with your customers through notifications to mobile apps, text and WhatsApp messages, emails, social networks, and other specific channels. Allowing, at the same time, to receive communications according to their preferences. 

This fluidity and personalization will help build customer loyalty

Bidirectional Communication

Two-way communication is a strategy that, in addition to personalizing, humanizes communication. Its main characteristic is to offer the possibility for both parties (the company and the client) to exchange information, achieving fluid feedback.

For example, in the Telecommunications sector, you can count on Coldview Interactive, a platform that allows your customers to:

  • Visualize consumption and activities in real-time.
  • Purchase more products through cross-selling and upselling strategies.
  • Download and/or pay invoices online.

Agile access to information

This is a key factor, both for customers and for the organization’s employees. Users increasingly value the fact that companies offer them self-management applications. However, they turn to the advice of a customer service representative if they cannot find a solution or the necessary information through that medium.

For this, organizations have a tool that ensures a quick response to queries. With Coldview ECM, they can store and manage documents from more than 200 digital file formats automatically. Not only that, but it ensures access in a practical, fast and secure way, improving service times. At the same time, it makes it possible to deliver digital documentation to the organization’s customers through simple mechanisms.

In conclusion,

Offering an experience that exceeds the expectations of our customers will make our organization more competitive and position itself as a leader. Innovation is the differential, you just have to have the right technology and professional service.

At Coldview we have the solutions you need to take the customer experience to another level. Write us and we will contact you to tell you how we can help you.

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