Potenciar el enfoque al cliente hará más rentable a tu organización

What is customer centricity all about and why is it essential to adopt it? We tell you how to do it and how digitalization influences this process.

Customer centricity is about providing a positive customer experience throughout the entire value chain. It is about offering their preferred channels, facilitating access from anywhere, and providing fast and effective responses.

Find out why it is necessary to incorporate this criterion, what are the pillars on which it is based and how you can implement it in your company. 

What does customer centricity entail?     

Customer centricity is about providing a positive customer experience throughout the entire value chain. This is achieved by creating a customer-centric culture and a holistic view of the customer’s a comprehensive view of their habits and preferences in order to anticipate their needs and desires.

This approach is based on two pillars: 

  1. a direct focus on customer needs 
  2. a digitalized interaction.

That is why, first of all, we must consider conversations with the customer and what they need to be of great relevance. And, secondly, to give the digitized interactions a quick and appropriate response. 

And what aspects can we not lose sight of in order to respond efficiently?

  • Interacting through their preferred channels.

  • Solving their problems in the time they expect.

  • Providing excellent service 24 hours a day.

Many companies interpret that focusing on customer-centricity is only about bringing them tailored offers. However, this approach proposes to use the information we have in our database to contact you with relevant messages at the right time.

Why go for the customer-centric strategy?

For the simple reason that it is more profitable. So, if you want your organization to be sustainable over time, it’s time to take action and make the change!

Customer centricity is not a “cosmetic” action but, rather, a long-term strategic vision. This is probably why well-known companies from all sectors have incorporated this criterion, such as Amazon, Apple, UBS, Hilton, Netflix, Uber, and Starbucks. 

They detected the dissatisfaction of their consumers and took the risk of reinventing the entire value chain through unprecedented innovation. As a result, they gained new customers and sustainable growth.

And why does this affect the sustainability of organizations? Because more and more customers expect excellence in their user experience. Especially those belonging to generations X (born between 1965 and 1981) and Y (born between 1982 and 1994).

Customers 4.0 are very demanding and have a low tolerance for redundancies and outdated systems. They expect at least a viable response to their queries even outside business hours or business days. This is because they are used to communicating at any time and from different locations (or devices), using the channel of their choice.

Digitalization makes customer-centricity possible

Beyond cultural differences, all over the world digitalization is positioned as a priority on the agenda of any customer-focused organization.

The future is here. The classic business that interacted with its customers through channels such as telephone, email, and face-to-face meetings will not disappear. But, they will inevitably need to incorporate digital interactions with customers through intelligent solutions, such as those offered by Coldview, and social media.

So, to facilitate seamless communication it is vital to offer an omnichannel experience. By seamless, we not only mean dynamic interaction, but also geographic freedom and device independence. It is therefore imperative to have cutting-edge solutions that are responsive to the customer’s preferred channel. 

At the same time, they must respond with centralized and updated information to achieve more efficient interactions.

In conclusion,

Customer centricity requires technological solutions that make it possible to offer a personalized and excellent experience.

It is therefore very important that, regardless of the channel chosen by the customer, we always provide the same response. This is possible thanks to a centralized repository and technological solutions that, like Coldview CCM, guarantee omnichannel communication. And it’s not just about providing a unified response, but also about creating personalized experiences through two-way communication.

As we can see, adopting a customer-centric approach brings numerous benefits to our organization: increased profitability, the loyalty of current customers, and attraction of new ones.

At Coldview we have the technological tools you need to focus on your customer. Not only that, but we also have a professional team that will accompany you in every part of the process. Write us and we will contact you to tell you how we can help you.


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