Automatizar sin despersonalizar: Consigue mejores tiempos y calidad de atención

Can you automate without depersonalizing? Discover the keys to achieving it and which tools are suitable for its implementation.

Automation in customer service consists of the use of technological solutions to solve common queries or carry out processes without the intervention of an agent. The main benefits are time and cost savings. 

Today there are many technologies that allow you to provide customer service tailored to your needs. Find out what you can do through automation and how you can implement it.

What tasks can you automate without depersonalizing customer service?     

Customer service automation is an action that is developed through software or a platform that allows you to provide a quick and efficient response. By means of predefined rules or artificial intelligence (AI), consumers can carry out procedures and solve problems without the need to contact a human agent.

Customer service systems that require phone calls or long lines at the company’s premises are obsolete. Consumers now demand effective responses in the shortest possible time. 

Automation is a strategy that saves resources and has several impacts on the organization, such as:

  • Decreasing the burden of attention to human agents. 
  • Build customer loyalty: their time (and ours) is gold and if we solve their query in a couple of clicks they will be happy.
  • Obtain a follow-up of the customer’s history to reduce the request for information by the human agent when carrying out their transactions.

For example, some of the tasks that can be automated are:

  • Sending account summaries.
  • Notifications through different channels: For example, mobile applications, text messages, WhatsApp, emails, social networks, and other specific channels.
  • Generation of invoices and payment vouchers.
  • Customer satisfaction surveys.
  • Creation of campaigns to promote cross-selling and upselling.

All these actions are carried out with the centralized information that is in the technological tool. In this way, when automated communications are generated or if a human agent must carry out a transaction, it will no longer be necessary for the customer to provide the data over and over again.

5 reasons to automate without depersonalizing customer service

Now beyond the benefits of automation that we hinted at the beginning, we want to give you 5 specific reasons to show you its importance:

1) Less human error

As we mentioned, implementing automation implies centralized information. This makes it possible for the platform to maintain proper communications with customers by having updated data. The same happens with human agents, when the automated system refers the query to a customer service representative, he will have everything he needs to finish the management or provide a satisfactory answer.

2) Cost reduction

It is important to note that the cost of customer service through a human agent is high compared to other channels. Therefore, the implementation of automation frees up the time of customer service representatives. They will no longer have to answer frequently asked questions or simple doubts and will be available to resolve more complex issues.

On the other hand, the digitization of processes allows savings in paper and distribution costs compared to sending physical correspondence.

3) Minimized waiting time

It is important to highlight that a more agile service makes it possible to reduce waiting time. Either because the query was resolved through the digital channel or because the human agent was able to respond efficiently.

4) Increased revenue

Of course, our best promoters are our customers. Therefore, if they are happy, they will recommend our brand to their family and friends. So, automating means building customer loyalty and attracting new customers.

5) 24×7 attention

Therefore, making management easier also means giving you the possibility to manage from and when you want. Therefore, keeping our support channels open 24×7 is a great value that we can bring to our customers.

What tools can you implement to automate without depersonalizing customer service?

Now, how can we automate without depersonalizing? Simple, with systems that provide customer history information, updated and unified.

When we talk about history, we are not only referring to the transactional records of the steps that the customer performs within the platform, but also to his preferences. The result is timely and relevant communications.

So, for example, with Coldview CCM you can:

  • Customize, send, and monitor all communications through digital channels.

  • Implement automatic delivery of invoices and statements.

  • Manage subscriptions and customer preferences and know their interaction with communications.

On the other hand, you can not only send communications to your customers but also provide them with bidirectional communication channels. Count on a solution like Coldview Interactive and offer:

  • A personalized experience where they can visualize their consumption and activities in real-time.

  • Download and/or pay invoices.

  • Purchase new products and services.

In conclusion,

We are in an era where communication is dynamic and instantaneous, your organization cannot be left out of the digital transformation. At Coldview we give you much more than technological solutions. Write us and we will show you how we can help you.

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