Ana María Cuello is Country Manager of Coldview Mexico and an expert in design and management of IT solutions for large corporations.

She will be presenting at the 6th Latin American Congress of Technology and Business America Digital – 100% Online with her conference “Omnichannel: technological challenge or positioning of existing channels?”

With more than 13 years of experience in the management and design of IT solutions, Ana María is today the Country Manager of Coldview Mexico.  Where she is responsible for the planning and development of the company’s commercial strategy for one of its strategic markets.

Thanks to her beginnings in the Consulting Services area, she has been able to perfectly understand the pains of large companies concerning the storage and management of large volumes of information. Challenges that grow for organizations day by day, and that are significantly increased in complexity as their consumers reinvent themselves and transform the way they relate to them.

Seeing that in recent years, different industries have focused on accelerating the transition to omnichannel as the axis of their Digital Transformation strategy. Ana has identified that many of these efforts have focused on the development of new channels and communication channels with their customers and that organizations did not stop to think and analyze whether the documents that they exchange with their customers today are already pre-existing communication channels that could be reformulated in bidirectional channels.

“The reality is that thanks to the technological development that has been promoted, especially in recent years, the possibilities of what can be achieved with pre-existing channels are endless,” says Cuello. She led a project for Telcel in Mexico, in which they turned their invoicing into a bidirectional channel and a space of opportunities to improve the way of delivering information to the customer. Thus, reducing call center consultations, and increasing the possibility of personalized offers for upselling and cross-selling.

Ana is convinced that “invoice and other interactive documents have arrived to accompany the Digital Transformation of companies that seek, with it, to enhance the user experience of their customers”.

We invite you to learn more about the interactive documents that are already positioned as an innovative solution to accompany the digital transformation strategy of companies with Ana María Cuello.

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