Currently, the focus of the discussions on Comprobantes Fiscales Digitales por Internet (CFDI) is centered on the entry into force of the Complemento Carta Porte. This is due to the type, quantity and availability of the information required for the correct issuance of the CFDI. The challenges that the implementation represents for the issuing taxpayer lies in the fact that many of these data are not available in the current systems.

What you should know about the Complemento Carta Porte

  • Its use is mandatory for taxpayers who transport goods and merchandise within Mexican territory.

  • It is incorporated into the transfer type CFDI to prove the possession of the goods. Its function is to provide information on the origin and destination of the goods that are moved through the different means of transportation.

Main Challenge

One of the main challenges for the carrier will be to gather additional information from their customer in order to document the journey. This means that they will no longer be able to start the journey without having everything documented. The concept of “start the trip and then I will give you the data to document” is over. 

Although the initiative seeks to strengthen tax receipts, it also makes the operation and the exchange of documentation more complex. It integrates control mechanisms and precise information to have full traceability in the transfer of goods. However, this new system ends up, in some cases, making its application impossible. 

Due to this, different chambers and associations requested changes and asked for a six-month extension. The argument is that the complement is not adjusted to the operational and security reality of the country.

Changes to the norm are expected during the course of the month and confirmation of the three-month extension. If the postponement is confirmed, its use would be mandatory as of January 1, 2022. However, companies are still racing against the clock and should not let their guard down.

Factors to take into account when contracting a Carta Porte solution to comply with the norm

Here’s how you can implement an integral solution in record time. It must be designed for a high volume of transactions and cover the different integration aspects necessary to obtain the required information.

  • Flexible timing: Make sure that the supplier you choose guarantees the implementation of the solution within the dates established by the SAT.

  • Quality Consulting: It is very important that the supplier of the Carta Porte solution has experience in customer service and also offers a consulting scheme. This way you will be able to resolve all operational and regulatory concerns quickly.

  • Experience: Don’t forget to count on a supplier that understands the situation, is flexible and can advise you in a reliable way. Also, with experience in the local market to be able to meet the specific demands of the case and knowledge about electronic invoicing issues.

At Coldview we can help you to implement the Carta Porte

Coldview can help you maintain a stable work rhythm and solve problems in a short time. For example, responding to changes and adjustments requested by the authority in a timely manner. 

To accompany this transition, our specialized team has the bandwidth and coverage to implement the solution in just 3 weeks.

Our specific software for Complemento Carta Porte is part of the Coldview Electronic Invoice. This makes it possible for your company to comply with all operational and regulatory aspects to guarantee a successful operation.

Advantages of Coldview Carta Porte Solution

These are some of its great advantages:

  • Integration capacity with other systems: For example, with different ERP, TMS, and commercial systems simultaneously to gather all the information required by the Complement. As well as with the different functionalities offered by the Coldview platform, which are used to exchange data.

  • Facilities for customers and suppliers: Coldview offers multiple online and batch interfaces for the parties involved to obtain the information. Whether it is the owner of the goods or the carrier.

    • Transactional hub for invoicing orders or routings.
    • Batch and online interfaces for the issuance of bills of lading and bills of entry with waybill add-on.
    • Portal Transportistas.
    • Operations Portal.
  • Experience: It is always important to have a supplier that understands the situation, is flexible, and offers advice. It is also important to have experience in the local market to be able to meet the specific needs of the case and to have the know-how on electronic invoicing issues.

  • Robust Invoice Solution: Coldview e-Invoicing has features that make it stand out because it guarantees performance and operational continuity.

    • Operation SLA stamping speed of up to 500 receipts per second.
    • High availability at the application level to guarantee the continuity of the operation and online stamping.
    • A high volume of transactions and their safe keeping with vouchers that are generated in the ECM Platform. 

In conclusion,

The Complementary Bill of Lading will soon come into force. Therefore, it is necessary for companies to add a solution that allows them to comply with this new norm.

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