Dark Data

We tell you what Dark Data is and how to make the most of its value.

The consulting firm Gartner defines the term Dark Data as the set of information that organizations process and store, but do not take advantage of.

That is information that is not structured. Although it is called dark data because of its translation from English, the term actually refers to data that remains hidden.

Dark Data stems from Big Data and arises from the interaction between the company and customers. The challenge for companies is to process and store this overlooked information to make the most of it.

How is Dark Data classified?

In organizations, we can find different categories of Dark Data. Below we show you how they can be classified:

  • Not collected: This is unknown data, which the company did not identify and, for this reason, cannot take advantage of it.

  • Inaccessible Collected: Usually stored in places that are difficult to access. For this reason, they are not seen and are not taken into account for analysis.

  • Collected accessible, but disorganized: Companies generate large amounts of information, known as Big Data. That volume of information is very difficult to manage unless the stored data can be categorized and processed. However, there always remains a portion that is not used, that is the unorganized data.

  • Collected accessible, but not used: This data was stored and categorized correctly but is not used to generate knowledge or devise actions. This can be due to several factors, especially not knowing how to take advantage of it.

How do obtain the value of Dark Data?

In the first instance, it is advisable to analyze the data and then divide it into categories and classify the information according to the use we will give it later. 

To achieve this, companies need to have a quick selection software that structures and visualizes the data.  In other words, a tool that helps to separate the useful data from the useless. 

With Coldview, it is possible to capitalize on this information and generate new business opportunities. Through the Coldview ECM solution, you can “illuminate” the data and bring it out of the dark zone. Then, that data will be valuable to take action and/or make better decisions based on reliable information. 

Our tool manages and provides distributed access to all the information collected by the central systems and the different departments of your company. In this way, the Coldview ECM solution generates and presents the specific and timely information that each user needs.

Why choose Coldview ECM to manage your company’s Dark Data?

These are just some of the features that Coldview ECM offers you to manage all of your organization’s information in a simple and efficient way.

  • Store and manage all of your organization’s information and documents in a simple, secure and efficient centralized repository.

  • Access all the organization’s data and documents in an instant, regardless of their origin or format.

  • Delivers digital information and documentation to customers through simple mechanisms.

  • Improves customer service times through quick access to information.

  • Create documents using real-time information through native integration with Coldview Compose.

  • Ensures regulatory compliance related to security, availability, retention, and auditing of critical information assets.

  • Uses the most efficient and reliable encryption and compression algorithms in the industry.

In conclusion,

Managing your organization’s hidden data will help you harness the full power of information to make informed decisions and take informed action. In this sense, Coldview ECM allows you to store and manage documentation, ensuring access to Dark Data in a practical, fast and secure way.

Are you already taking advantage of your organization’s Dark Data? We would like to hear about your experience.

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