¿Qué preocupa a los transportistas mexicanos respecto al complemento Carta Porte?

The Complemento Carta Porte came into force in Mexico and has carriers on edge. We tell you how to overcome the concern and comply with the regulations.

The Complemento Carta Porte must accompany each CFDI of goods moved by any road with federal jurisdiction. This regulation represents a huge challenge for operators, due to the large amount of data involved and the risk of being fined if it is not properly completed.

However, this problem can be successfully faced thanks to a platform that guarantees the correct data loading and provides peace of mind to companies and carriers.

Complemento Carta Porte and the challenge of digital transformation


Before talking about digital transformation, it is necessary to review the context in which this regulation is implemented.

One of the major scourges faced by Latin American countries is smuggling. For example, according to the Tax Administration Service (SAT) in Mexico, 60% of the merchandise moved by land is illegal. For this reason, the Mexican government implemented the Complemento Carta Porte on January 1, 2022. This is a document added to the CFDI of all merchandise transported by any road with federal jurisdiction. In this way, the SAT has real-time information that contributes to minimizing tax evasion and smuggling, and, at the same time, allows it to track the transit of goods and products within the national territory.

The transport sector states that the implementation of this new modality is complex. This is because many of the companies that provide transportation services need to undertake the digital transformation of their processes to adapt to the standard.

In this sense, the real challenge for transport operators is to load a large amount of information into the new digital platforms without errors.

Complemento Carta Porte and 3 aspects that concern carriers

As we mentioned, the digital transformation of the process brings many uncertainties for carriers, such as:

Failing to load data

Until now, carriers filled out a form with the details of the goods they were transporting and their quantity. Today, SAT requires that to guarantee traceability, every step of the process must be recorded digitally.

This includes data such as tariff fraction if it is import or export, route nodes, description of the goods, unit of measure, and value. In the event of operational changes in the shipment, the Carta Porte must be canceled and a new one generated.

The risk of a large amount of information being uploaded is that some data may be incomplete. In this case, the carrier is liable to penalties for non-compliance.

Therefore, it is a priority to have a tool that is updated for required data and deadlines for compliance with the SAT. Such is the case of Desafío Carta Porte of Coldview. The platform features data preloading, identification of required fields, and a warning that prevents saving incomplete forms.

Privacy of personal data

Another major concern for carriers is the need to declare personal information within the document. Some of the operator’s data are RFC, license, and address, among others. What keeps them on alert is that, in addition to the fact that it is included in the Complemento Carta Porte, such information would be accessible using a QR code from any mobile device.

The main reason for this objection is that the transportation sector has a big problem, which is insecurity. So, making this data available makes it easier for criminals to access sensitive information.

However, this is a myth, since with an appropriate solution personal information is safeguarded by meeting all the requirements. For example, access to the Carrier Portal of Coldview is through a username and password, which is also regulated by permissions. This means that not all users have access to all information. In this way, personal data is kept secure.

Adapting to the digital process

As we discussed, digital transformation represents a huge challenge for the transport industry. However, it is possible to overcome this challenge with a platform that is intuitive and simplifies the process.

Another important factor is to count on professional support, such as Coldview’s team, to answer questions and efficiently implement the solution.

The key to complying with the Complemento Carta Porte Regulations

Digitizing a process can be complex if you don’t have the right tool. That is why at Coldview we have created Carta Porte, which is part of our Electronic Invoice solution. With which you can guarantee a successful operation since it covers all operational and regulatory aspects.

Thanks to its features, it allows you to

  • complete the data simply:
    By integrating with your ERP, TMS, and other commercial systems simultaneously obtains all the information required by the Complemento Carta Porte. It also draws on data from other Coldview platforms that provide transactional information.

  • access to relevant and timely information:
    Through its multiple online and batch interfaces, the parties involved in the process can easily obtain the information they need. For example, the system has:

    • Transaction center for orders or invoicing pending sheets.
    • Batch and online interfaces for the issuance of entry and transfer vouchers with the Complemento Carta Porte.
    • Carrier portal.
    • Operations portal.
  • ensure performance and operational continuity
    The distinctive features of Coldview Electronic Invoice allow for the continuous operation of large transaction volumes. Due to the Operation SLA, up to 500 vouchers per second can be stamped. At the same time, it guarantees high availability of the application and safekeeping of the generated receipts in an ECM Platform.

In conclusion,

As we can see, successfully facing the Carta Porte Challenge depends largely on being able to implement the digital transformation. This requires an easy-to-navigate system with security measures and the support of an experienced team of professionals.

At Coldview we offer you that and much more. Write to us and tell us what you need; we’ll show you how we can help.


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