digitalización y medio ambiente

More and more companies are joining the digitization of processes. Learn how this action impacts management and, above all, the environment.

Digitization is an action whose objective is to transform analog processes into digital ones. With it, organizations achieve more agile and efficient management, improve customer experience (internal and external), and protect the environment by minimizing the use of resources such as paper. 

In the following lines, we share the reasons why digital transformation in organizations is no longer an option but a necessity. We also tell you how this influences customer perception and the positive impact it will have on your company.

How does the digitization of an organization’s processes impact the environment?    


In 2020 with the arrival of the pandemic millions of companies around the world discovered that it is possible to stay active without using so many natural resources. The transformation from analog to digital processes became an imperative and they looked for solutions that would allow them to do this. 

Suddenly, companies had the urgency to

  • Implementar el home office como nueva modalidad de trabajo ante el confinamiento,

  • Poner a disposición de forma remota toda la información que los colaboradores necesitaban para realizar sus tareas,

  • Ofrecer a los clientes nuevos canales para realizar sus gestiones. Pero, a la vez, lograr la misma atención sin importar el medio por el que se comuniquen, es decir, una experiencia omnicanal. 

This is how many companies noticed the enormous positive impact that the digitization of processes has, not only in terms of improved management and cost reduction but also in terms of the environment. Because it is no longer necessary to use so much paper and not so many energy resources.

What is the customer’s perception of your environmentally-oriented actions?

We always refer to the importance of achieving a lasting relationship with the customer. In this sense, the environmental responsibility actions carried out by companies are a factor that influences the commitment or engagement of those who choose our company.

Consumers today are more environmentally conscious than they were years ago. This has led more and more companies to develop competitive environmental strategies. For example, the creation of environmentally friendly products or eco-efficiency, by minimizing the use of resources.  

In Europe, almost 90% of organizations

have adopted green marketing as part of their 

marketing activities and plans.

  Source: Rajeev. Green marketing: The next big thing. 2016

This new awareness gave birth to the so-called Green Marketing, which is nothing more or less than the development of specific actions oriented to the care of the environment. These actions, when implemented, become a competitive advantage.

So, if you are in an organization where digital transformation has not yet been undertaken, we cannot fail to tell you that this is affecting the profitability of the business.

What positive impact does digitalization have on the environment?

When an organization implements eco-efficiency actions, the environment benefits in at least two main aspects:

  • Reduction in the use of paper:  The “paperless” strategy, which is becoming increasingly popular, consists of avoiding the use of paper in the organization. For example, through the cessation of printing invoices, summaries, and wrappers for home deliveries to customers. As well as the minimum possible use of paper in the organization’s offices.

    To produce 6 reams or 54 kg of paper, one tree and 15,000 liters of water need to be cut down.


    Taking into account the above data we can deduce that implementing a “paperless” strategy has an enormous impact. Understanding the importance of this action, at Coldview we accompany our customers to carry it out through our solutions.

  • Less CO2 emissions: Every person and every organization has a “carbon footprint”. This indicator shows the amount of GHG (Greenhouse Gases) emitted into the atmosphere by an individual, organization, or product. To calculate it, an inventory is made of all the direct and indirect emissions of things like the resources it uses.  With the digital transformation, every organization contributes a lot to the environment by

    • Decreasing the home distribution of invoices or statements by incorporating a virtual inquiry portal.
    • Minimizing customer inquiries at the organization’s physical premises, facilitating online transactions through an omnichannel experience.
    • Avoid the transfer of documents and files to warehouses by having a centralized digital repository.

    Because small actions can make big changes. An example of this is the abrupt drop in CO2 emissions that was recorded during the confinement.  So, as we can see, if we commit to change, we all win.

como impactó el confinamiento en las emisiones de carbono 2020

How does digitization benefit the organization?

By implementing digital transformation, in addition to positively impacting the environment, the organization benefits a lot.

  • Saving money: By reducing spending on the purchase and printing of paper, as well as the maintenance of the equipment necessary for such actions. By having centralized repositories, as Coldview ECM, offers, we eliminate the need to move documents to external repositories and we need less physical space to archive this information.

  • Increased productivity: With a centralized platform, such as Coldview ERM, we can increase self-management by customers and suppliers. While our employees will have the information organized, making their work more effective. That both internal and external customers can carry out their transactions in a simple, secure, and efficient way. At the same time, helps to substantial time savings and therefore greater productivity.

  • Information security:  The sophisticated encryption systems of information management software offer security that was unthinkable until a few years ago. Because it is possible to filter people’s access through segmentation and to protect sensitive information. At the same time, documents are protected from possible unforeseen events such as fire or flooding of warehouses, deterioration due to the passage of time, mold, etc.

In conclusion,

Digitalization is here to stay and it is a new reality in which everyone wins. Because our organization becomes more productive, we improve the internal and external customer experience and save time and money. While we use fewer resources, such as paper or energy, and reduce carbon emissions. 

Many organizations put off digital transformation because they consider it to be a complex process. However, this is not the case, since there are integral, flexible and customized solutions with the necessary professional services to solve the challenges of managing large volumes of information.  

At Coldview we know how to help you in this process. Do not hesitate to write us and we will tell you how you can achieve it together with our team of experts.


  • Rajeev, K. (2016). Green marketing: The next big thing. Advances in Management, 9(2), 1-4.

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