Cómo diseñar tu customer journey

The post-pandemic customer journey requires redesigning the experience and for this the omnichannel strategy is essential. This is how you can do it in your organization. 

The Customer Journey is the process that goes from the moment a person evaluates acquiring a product/service until they get the right one to meet their needs. Knowing what factors influence their purchase decision is essential to adapting the company’s channels to speed up the process.

What makes the customer take the step towards the purchase? To find out, it is vital to have a tool that provides us with information. With this data we will be able to outline the customer journey map to accompany and, why not, speed up the purchase process.

In this article, we tell you what the new customer journey is like and how your organization can stand out from others so that more and more customers choose it.

What is the Customer Journey?

The customer journey is the journey a person takes to acquire a product or service to meet a need. Although it can be confused with the sales process, the customer journey also includes the stages before and after the purchase.

That is why it is vital to understand the factors that influence their decision to offer an experience that accompanies them to take action.

We know that from the moment they start to evaluate the purchase until they decide to make it, the path is very winding, even year after year these paths are modified. However, digital transformation can become your greatest ally to improve the customer journey and attract new customers or retain current ones. For example, software that collects data and gives us analysis tools to know the points of contact between each person and our organization, to improve or strengthen them.

How does the Customer Journey unfold and how can we help the customer take action?

En 2019, Google junto a The Behavioural Architects realizaron un estudio para descifrar cómo es el proceso que se desarrolla en la mente de los consumidores a la hora de decidir una compra.

En los resultados encontraron que todos buscan información sobre productos de una marca y/o categoría y luego analizan las opciones. En el proceso de análisis las personas consultan diversas fuentes online: webs, redes sociales, reseñas de otros consumidores, etc. Dicha investigación se realiza en un ciclo que se repite todas las veces necesarias hasta forjar la decisión de compra. Este bucle se produce yendo de forma alternada entre dos modelos mentales:

    1. Exploration, an expansive activity
    2. Evaluation, a restrictive activity

Source: Think with Google. 2020

However, we can implement some strategies to help potential customers break out of this cycle. We are talking about cognitive biases, which means, the reasons that make a person value one product/service over another.

Within the framework of this study, an experiment was carried out in which more than 300,000 purchase situations were simulated in different areas with real consumers.

The most revealing case was the following:

In that case the cognitive biases used were:

  • Discovery of Something New: Through brief descriptions of key product/service specifications.

  • The power of Now: Through getting the product/service almost immediately.

  • Social proof: Por medio de reseñas o recomendaciones de otras personas

  • Scarcity: By making them feel they were missing “the “opportunity.

  • Authority: By recommendation from experts or trusted sources.

  • Free: By offering them gifts when they purchase the product/service.

How did the pandemic impact the customer journey?

We know that the pandemic has changed many habits, especially purchasing habits. A consumer survey conducted by Google in June 2021 revealed that omnichannel is fundamental in the post-pandemic customer journey.

The consumer, more than ever, is in charge and therefore must be offered the ability to shop when, where, and how they want. Not only that, but they must be able to do so with quality, frictionless experience through the channel of their choice.

Google/Kantar’s The Journey Reshaped study on the financial industry, which groups banks, credit cards, and insurers, shows the impact of omnichannel. Around 30% of users at the stage of researching product or service details use Internet search engines. While when looking for opinions from other users, 15% turn to social networks, a percentage that increases to 20% in the insurance sector.

Although external consultation media are widely used, brand websites and apps are still highly valued points of contact for users. However, these must have a format focused on usability and, of course, be integrated into the omnichannel strategy.

This statistic shows that beyond the exponential growth of digital channels, person-to-person service should not be neglected. Therefore, it is important to offer online channels that work smoothly and at the same time give them the possibility to talk to people. Especially in more complex products such as banking and insurance.

Customer Communication Management (CCM), your ally in adapting to the new customer journey

Implementing an omnichannel strategy is both critical and challenging. So how can you provide your customers with a smooth and frictionless omnichannel experience? The answer is through a tool that allows you to centrally manage information exchanges with your customers and contributes to their loyalty.

At Coldview we have created the solución you need for your organization to be part of the 75% of companies that will grow in the next 5 years. It is Coldview CCM, a platform to orchestrate all inbound and outbound communications in your organization. Regardless of the channel your customers choose, they will receive a fast and consistent response in all of them.

But how will implementing Coldview CCM impact the customer journey?

  • Customer Power: You will give your customer the power to decide. 

    As we said, the post-pandemic customer journey requires that the customer can choose the channel through which he will communicate, when he will do it and in what way. That’s why at Coldview we offer you the possibility of integrating communications through email, social networks (TW DM), WhatsApp, PNS to mobile applications, and SMS. Not only that, but you can also configure the parameters to deliver tailored online communication in less than a second. This is possible thanks to analytics reports that provide statistical data to fine-tune communications.

  • You will be their best option and help them take action 

    Coldview CCM has a massive campaign creation functionality with segmentation rules. With it, you will be able to generate promotional actions with strategies such as cognitive biases. This way you will bring those potential customers closer to your brand and show them that you are their best option.

  • You will provide a humanized communication

    You will be on their podium if, in addition to offering them the channels they prefer, you give them the possibility of maintaining a bidirectional communication with the organization. With Coldview CCM you can give your customers a personalized user experience that enhances their relationship with the company. Because automating is not dehumanizing, we are very clear about that and that is why we have created this solution.

In conclusion,

The customer journey is a difficult process to follow, but it is important to identify the customer’s points of contact with the organization. In this way, you can strengthen them and provide them with the necessary information to accelerate action. To do this, it is vital to offer a satisfactory and secure omnichannel experience. A challenge that seems complex, but is not impossible if we have a platform that contributes to a smooth and frictionless user journey.

Would you like to learn more about what Coldview CCM can do for your organization? Write to us and we’ll advise you.


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