Coldview Interactive

Boost your company’s digital transformation with Coldview Interactive and deliver excellent customer experiences.

Offer your customers a personalized experience

With Coldview Interactive you can offer your customers a platform to:

Visualize your consumption and activities in real-time

Acquire more products and services

Download and/or pay your invoice

And much more!

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Learn about Telcel’s success story

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“Thanks to Coldview, the main ally in our digital transformation process, we have been able to take the communication experience with our customers to another level, driving innovation in our products and services, contributing to greater satisfaction and better positioning of our company”.

Javier Sánchez Contreras, Deputy Director of Operation and Security Systems, Telcel Mexico.

Drive benefits
for your organization

  • Transform and improve your customers’ relationship experience with your brand, providing an omnichannel and innovative experience, and increasing customer loyalty and retention.

  • Generate significant savings by implementing Coldview Interactive and eliminating paper. In addition, the ¨paperless¨ policy provides a more responsible image for your brand.

  • Reduce support costs by minimizing communications to call centers that are self-managed through Coldview Interactive.

  • Use invoices as a two-way communication channel to your users to promote cross-selling and upselling.

  • Improve your brand positioning by showing yourself as a leader in innovation.

  • Gain valuable insights into your customers’ behavior, such as real-time online click management, real-time click actions generating specific events, statistics on activities and behavior, etc.

Key features of
Coldview Interactive

  • Distribute and compose interactive HTML5 invoicing documents.

  • Real-time consumption graphs.

  • Subscription management of notifications for customers.

  • Invoicing and post-payment: CFDI and Payment Complement, Payment Stub, Account Statement, presentation, and download.

  • Embed promotional messages and personalized videos.

  • Quick access buttons to main links.

  • Download of transactions in .CSV format.

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Join you too in delivering great user experiences with Coldview.

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Join you too in delivering great user experiences with Coldview.